• About Us

  • Legendwood prides itself as a family-friendly community. The Homeowners association serves the community as agents in the management of its finances, its common properties, and its member compliance with community covenants for the greater good of the community as prescribed by the by-laws of the Association.

    As volunteer elected officials of the Legendwood Community, we represent the Community by planning, executing, and monitoring Association activities to ensure that resources are used in the most effective means possible to improve property values, provide fair and consistent enforcement of covenants, mitigate risks to the Association members, and communicate important information with the residents; Our position is one that supports the maintenance of programs and policies that will make our community the community of choice.

  • Our community utilizes Hughes Properties Inc. for property management. The Home Owners Association establishes and collects assessments to run neighborhood operations.  Enforcing the covenants and bylaws is a major responsibility of the HOA. Hughes Properties works by the direction of the current declarant or homeowners Board of Directors.

    Common Ground Care - is currently contracted to Eakes Enterprises for the maintenance of the common grounds. 

    Pond Maintenance is currently contracted to Aqua Services for routine maintenance of the pond and the surrounding vegetation and wildlife habitat.

    PLEASE route any inquiries, questions or concerns through Hughes Properties and/or the Board of Directors. We have communicated to Eakes Enterprises and Aqua Services that all work requests will be transmitted through these means in order to maintain cost control but also prevent duplication of effort.

  • Trash & Recycling

    3rd Friday of each month - Recycling (blue bins) - go to Recycling Alliance website to sign up.

    Wednesday - Household trash (green bin) - heavy items, boxes and everything else that does not fit into green can stack neatly alongside of the garbage can

    If a holiday is on a Monday, trash pickup will be on Thursday

    Questions, contact Huntsville Utilities - (256) 535-1200

  • HOA Property Management

    The Legendwood HOA uses Hughes Properties for property management. For assistance, contact Elise Brooks at Elise@Hughes-Properties.com, or (256) 430-3088

    Hughes Properties Inc.

    4910 Corporate Drive, Suite C

    Huntsville, AL 35805