• What our our Utilities and times?
      • Recycling:  Tuesday (blue bins) Huntsville Utilities.
      • Household Trash:  Wednesday (green bins) Huntsville Utilities.  Note: heavy items or large items can stack neatlyalongside of the bin.
        • When a holiday is on a Monday, the trash pickup is moved to Thursday
      • Water for residence and/or sprinklers:  Harvest/Monrovia Water Authority
    • How much are the Owner’s Association Dues? When are they due? Where do I send the payment?

      General assessments are $500.00 per year.  Assessments will be due January 1st of each year.  Checks should be made payable to Legendwood HOA.  Payments may be sent c/o Hughes Properties 4910 Corporate Drive, Ste C, Huntsville, AL 35805.  You may also bring the payments to the office directly, Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (closed 12 to 1 for lunch).  There is also a secure lockbox outside the front door for your convenience.  To ensure proper processing of the payment, please make sure to include the address of the property for which you are making payment. **No cash, credit or debit payments accepted**

    • Are the HOA assessments covered in Escrow?

      The HOA assessments for the current year are typically paid during the closing of your new home.  Following that, you will be responsible annually for the HOA assessments. Invoices are mailed to your home as a courtesy.  Late fees will apply on all delinquent accounts as prescribed by the Covenants for your community

    • Do I have to participate in the Association?

      In choosing to purchase a home within a protected community, you are required to participate in the community homeowners association. This includes payments of the required assessments and abiding to the covenants and restrictions. Additionally you are allotted certain luxuries such as a controlled environment, in which property value is one of the top priorities and, as well as a close community bond. 

    • What is the money used for?

      All assessments collected are used for the growth of the community.  Each dollar collected goes directly to the enrichment and improvement of the community as a whole. Specific items include maintenance of entrance ways, common grounds and, community gatherings, projects, and future improvements.  In order to maintain the current common grounds within the community, funds must be readily available.

    • ARC Common Questions
      • Residents of Legendwood desiring to alter, modify, add or erect new construction to their existing property are required to submit their request in writing and await approval from the Legendwood Architectural Review Committee.
        • Each resident will complete an Architectural Review Form and submit with drawings, pictures and/or site plan to:  Hughes Properties, 4910 Corporate Drive Ste B, Huntsville, AL  35805.  Hughes Property will forward the items submitted to the Architectural Review Committee Chairperson within 3 days of receipt, to exclude weekends and holidays. 
        • The Chairperson, upon receipt of a request, will schedule a meeting with a minimum of 3 committee members to review the request.  The Committee’s decision will be presented to the requester no later than 30 days after submission.
        • Once approved and proper permits obtained, construction may begin.  Upon completion, the site may be reviewed to ensure the integrity of the approved plans. All requests and approvals are governed by Article VI, Section 10, in the Declaration of Protective Covenants for Legendwood Subdivision.

      A complete copy of the DCCRE is available upon request.  Please email your request to Marion at Marion@Hughes-properties.com.  If interpretation of a covenant is required, Hughes Properties, Inc defers to the Declarant and or Board of Directors.

    • How do I know where my money is going?

      A bank account is set up specifically for your subdivision.  All payments are made to Legendwood HOA.  Financial information including bank balances and profit and loss statements are available at any time upon written request to our office.

    • What can I do if I see a violation or if I have questions about the common area?

      You may contact Hughes Properties via email with questions, comments or concerns.  Please note:  All concerns or complaints made to this office are kept confidential and are verified before acted upon. 

    • Other communities have Board of Directors, what about us?

      You do have a board that has worked hard to keep the community running smoothly. Your current board, made up of elected owners from within the community along with your management company will continue to strive to make Legendwood the place to live in Madison.

    • I have more questions! Where do I go?

      Please contact Hughes Properties at Marion@Hughes-Properties.com


    • Why are there covenants?

      Protective Covenants are deed restrictions placed on each lot, designed to enforce the neighborhood standards and provide for a safe, attractive and fun community, as well as protecting your investments!  These restrictions are enforceable by law.  Membership in the homeowners association is mandatory. (Article 3, Section 1 of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Easements {DCCRE} noted each owner shall be a member of the association.) It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors or designee to monitor and address violations as they occur.  It is the responsibility of EACH homeowner to know and understand the community covenants!
      Legendwood is a covenant-protected neighborhood!  Please take time to review and understand the covenants for your subdivision.  Adhering to these covenants will promote, support and serve the best interest of the entire community!

    • Below are some of the more regularly questioned highlights from the covenants:

      Article V Section 2 Owner Maintenance Responsibility

      Each Owner shall maintain his or her Unit and all structures, parking areas, and other improvements, including landscaping, comprising the Unit in a manner consistent with the Community-Wide Standard and all applicable covenants,…  Such maintenance obligation shall include, without limitation, the following:

      prompt removal of all litter, trash, refuse, and waste. Please make sure all yard debris, trash, litter, animal waste, etc is removed from the lawn and disposed of properly.  lawn mowing on a regular basis; tree and shrub pruning, watering landscaped areas;…keeping lawn and garden areas alive, free of weeds and attractive.  While the appeal of the common grounds is vital, it is the collection of individual homes that defines the community.  Please make sure your lawn is mowed on a regular basis complete with edging along the driveway, road and sidewalks.  If you have a designed, defined area for your flower beds, it should be free of weeds and stray grass. 

      As a matter of safety, trees should be pruned so they do not cover the windows of entrances of your home.  Finally, make sure to water your lawn on a regular basis to ensure the grass is healthy and green… …and repair of exterior damages to improvements, including, without limitation, periodic painting and pressure washing as needed.  As your home ages, maintenance issues will become a necessity.  Re-staining fences, painting trim, pressure washing driveways etc, will increase the longevity of the materials in your home.

      Article VI Section 4 Vehicles and Garages

      Vehicles shall only be parked in appropriate parking spaces serving the Unit or other designated parked areas established by the Board if any. No parking on the street shall be permitted except in connection with special events as approved by the Board or as otherwise approved by the Board in writing.  Please review this entire section carefully as it provides great details concerning parking and vehicles within the community.

      Article VI Section 7 Animals and Pets

      Dogs shall be kept on a leash whenever outside the dwelling and not in a fenced in yard. Pet owners are required to clean up after their pets...No dog runs, runners, or exterior pens for household pets shall be erected or maintained on any Unit unless approved in accordance with the provisions of Article IX hereof. Although pets are a joy to have in our home, they can create havoc for those neighbors who do not own animals.  Please be respectful of your friend and neighbors when walking your pets.

      Article VI Section 15 Trash Cans

      All clotheslines, garbage cans, woodpiles, swimming pool pumps, filters and related equipment, air conditioning compressors, and other similar items shall be located or screened so as to be concealed from view of neighboring streets and property. All rubbish, trash and garbage shall be regularly removed and shall not accumulate. Garbage cans may be put to the curb the evening before pick up and removed the evening after pick up. Prolonged garbage cans at the curb is not allowed. Trash receptacles stored in side yards must be screened from view.  Such screening design and materials must be approved by the ARC.

      Article VI Section 10 Architectural Standards

      Written approval must be obtained from the ARC prior to any construction, erection, or placement of anything, permanently or temporarily, on the outside portions of the Unit in accordance with the provisions of this Article and section of the Declaration.  This shall include, without limitation, signs; permanent basketball hoops; swing sets and similar sports and play equipment; hedges; walls; dog runs, or animal pens of any kinds; garbage cans, woodpiles, swimming pools; docks, piers and other similar structures.

      Article VI Section 11 Antennas

      No exterior antennas of any kind shall be placed, allowed, or maintained upon any portion of the Community, including any lot without the prior written consent of the Board or its designee. No freestanding antennas whatsoever shall be placed on any lot.

      Article VI Section 36 Basketball Goals

      No basketball goals may be erected, placed or constructed on the front of any lot (being defined as all portions of the lot between the street (including side streets) and the rearmost corner of the dwelling). Only approved basketball goals may be erected or constructed on the rear portion of any lot. No basketball goal may be erected over a garage or attached to a dwelling.


      06/26/2014: The HOA Board voted to standardize the fencing styles put in place in the community to harmonize and match what the developer was using.

      For fencing on non-pond areas, the approved fence is wood with a "shadowbox" style. Stain color for wood fences is "tobacco brown".

      For fencing on homes that border the pond areas, the approved fence is black metal.